Boxes for logistics at home

My husband had this great idea that we should purchase six boxes: one for each member of the family and one for the top floor and one for the basement. The purpose is to transport all mess to its proper place or adressing it to the rightful sinner.
We found the perfect boxes for this at IKEA. These plastic boxes have the optimal surface for attaching vinyl to it, they can be stacked if needed and the size is large enough to take a reasonable amount of mess. To see the name on the box from the side and from above I have attached the vinyl text both inside and outside.
A great idea tend to die when meeting real life, but I’d say this have been working quite as intended. I plan to give the boxes a base camp like small shelves to rest on when getting filled. Lack shelves from IKEA with concealed mounting, I guess…

The font I used is the Zephyr Script. I found this font through cleversomeday’s blogpost on fonts for diecutters.

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