Hershey Script 1-stroke as ttf single line font

Updated 16.08.2020: Please find this newer post using svg-fonts with Inkscape 1.1. I have provided a smoothed version of the Hershey script 1 stroke as svg-font.

I have been using the Hershey-extension that comes with Inkscape. As far as I understand the Hershey fonts are defined using straight-line vectors only. I wanted to have a truly rounded version of the script 1 stroke font and used the Hershey-extension to build the glyphs. Then I edited the nodes to get smooth paths. See the difference in the image below. I also added some letters for being able to write Norwegian letters. Then I took the paths through this process to create a singe line True Type font.

Here I have tested the resulting font in Inkscape using this process to reopen the closed paths of the True Type font.

You are welcome to download the font.

3 thoughts on “Hershey Script 1-stroke as ttf single line font

  1. I am trying to use your font and having a bizarre problem – most of my letters are striken through when I changed fill and stroke and not as neat as yours. Any ideas?

  2. I know I am way too slow answering this, but did you try the link in the post how to reopen closed paths? They are striken through for me too until I run the re-open script.

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