Free stroke fonts: Singularis, Dualis & Pluralis

I have had some fun designing my own free stroke fonts (= single line fonts). This was done using the Custom Stroke Fonts extensions in Inkscape.

You are welcome to download and use my fonts under the terms of the SIL Open Font License. The zip file contain a readme file and the three fonts Singularis, Dualis and Pluralis in four formats:

  • svg-font that works with the Hershey text tool or Custom Stroke Font extension
  • svg-files with glyph overview where you can pick the letters one-by-one and combine if you are reluctant to using Inkscape.
  • otf-stickfont which can be installed and used as a regular otf font for plotting the single lines twice. This font might look strange in some softwares as it has zero width. In Inkscape this font can be converted to single line by using the remove duplicate lines extension after Object to Path and ungroup.
  • ttf thin font to be used as an ordinary ttf outline font, not meant for plotting or engraving – just a lookalike singleline handwritten font.

The svg-files are the real single line or stroke fonts. I use them for my cutting machine with a sketch pen. Learn how to use the Hershey Text tool in Inkscape to convert text objects to svg-paths for your plotter. Save the svg (or dxf if you have Silhouette Studio Basic Edition like me) and import it into the software for your equipment.

Single line font freebies

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