Invitation card – racing wheel

“Innbydelse” means invitation and this is the card I created together with my kid turning 5. All was created in Inkscape and cutted/plotted using my Silhouette SD. For the text I used the text along path function. I used the italic version of the Enter Sansman font which I found very similar to the Goodyear font. For the letters B and D I splitted the letters using a bar to keep the inner parts in place after cutting. I used a white ring of printer paper to get the letters white.

The racing car is one of my boy’s drawings that I scanned and manually vectorized using Inkscape. I also made him write his name and vectorized this. For the text inside the card I used the CamBam Stick font number 8.

1 thought on “Invitation card – racing wheel

  1. Wonderful and I love the idea of vectorising a child's own drawing. I bet your son and his friends are impressed. I look forward to seeing more of your projects.

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